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With the constant increase in mobile visitors and the decrease in user attention span, speed is becoming one of the most important factors of a successful online business. Leveredge makes your website extremely fast without any manual code changes or hassles.


Users are frustrated

According to the latest research, slow loading time is the #1 reason users leave a website

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As of July 2018 Google considers mobile speed as one of its organic search ranking factors

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Every 1 second delay means 27% potential loss of revenue. No matter how great your website is

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Leveredge solution was built for many use cases. Here are a few verticals that are already having success with it

Website owners

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Digital agencies

Turnkey solution for website speed optimization

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Online shops

Enjoy blazing fast loading times on mobile & desktop

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No more custom coding for each website

On the fly optimization - even when orginal website has changed

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When your website is loading slow - you leave money on the table. Use our calculator to estimate how many visitors & how much potential revenue you're losing today.

17 Lost visitors
44% Bounce rate

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Leveredge makes your site extremely fast in less than 60 seconds.

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Slow loading time is the #1 reason users leave a website.

Most sites lose half of their visits while loading.

In fact, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Page loading time matters.

Google considers mobile speed as one of its organic search ranking factors.

Mobile page speed can significantly impact ad performance.

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